Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tatting Thread SALE!

I was at Joann Fabrics yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes! They now carry Lizbeth Tatting Thread! One of the very top of the line threads out there - at Joann Fabrics! So I snagged myself several balls for a few reasons:

-I am a tatting fiend, and thread hoarding is a part of the sickness.

-Lizbeth threads are some of the very best out there - their variegated shades are still
hand dyed.

-They were all ON SALE!!! I normally would pay $4/ball + s&H. Joann had them for $2.99, no s&H.

Yeah, I know this makes me even more of a fiber geek than I already was, but...I have Lizbeth thread and YOU don't! (But you could, if you hurry to Joann Fabrics - I
think I left a few!)

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