Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FO, & A short visit...

I finally finished the Noro Kuryeon Shawl! Took me just under a month and ended up using all 6 skeins. Weaving in all the ends was a real PITA. Here it is, as yet unblocked:

I also took a short trip to my home town of B--- and visited my grandparent's grave for the first time in years. I had a horrific childhood, and my grandparents, particularly my grandmother, were the only people in my life who truly cared about me. Here is a pic of their grave, with the flowers I left from myself and my daughter in the middle:

A big thank you to my Nouna Joanie for offering to come with me, and putting up with my brief (I hope!) walk down memory lane.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to Tat!

Today is International Tatting Day! So grab some chocolate and a glass of your favorite libation and hit that needle/shuttle! Don't know how to tat? GASP!!!! Oh my, you just gave me an attack of the vapors! never mind - you can learn how here:

This 'n' Tat - Shuttle Tatting Lessons

If you are a more visual learner, try this video:

Tatting From Start to Finishing
(Shuttle tatting)

And finally, Needle Tatting instructions:
Video - Need
le Tatting, Double Stitch Illustrated - First Steps in Needle Tatting

Which way do I tat? Well, mostly needle, as shuttle tatting tends to make my hands hurt - and I've never been very good at it!

Why should I tat, I hear you ask. Well, because it's a beautiful art form, there is pride in making things with your own two hands, and it helps you to slow down, relax and enjoy being in the moment - all good things!

And just to whet your appetite, here's some tatted eye candy: